tatjana mitrovic
We were so lucky that Jeptha was a photographer and videographer at my daughter's wedding! He is an outstanding photographer who has both a talent to take perfect pictures in perfect situations, and a gift to quickly and easily bond with the party/ohana and put everyone around him at ease. He is extremely professional - from coming early to the ceremony to delivering all the products fast and with highest quality. To add to his professionalism is his pleasant, kind and polite demeanor, something that is so rare to see these days. He made my daughter's wedding a truly special day.
Ashley & Rick Nelson(non-registered)
We would highly recommend Jeptha for all your photography needs! His years of experience has given him all the skills to be great in any project given. I asked Jeptha to be our wedding photographer knowing that he gives only his best. I've worked with him before but as a first time client, I can truly say he is what you need is any business....prompt, professional, open-minded and patient. His talent as a photographer and artist will take him many places. Jep, we wish you all the best and much continued success in your career! I can't wait to see what's next for you!
Naomi and Jason(non-registered)
If you need a photographer, hire Jeptha! He is our family's "go-to" photographer, as he is a true professional. Jeptha is always on time (early, even!), has an amazing work ethic, and is passionate about his work and product. He has extensive experience in the field and his work reflects this. Jeptha is very observant and captures these special moments through his lens. He goes above and beyond and is such a good hearted person. To know him is to love him! We highly recommend Jeptha!
Jacqueline Lee(non-registered)
Jeptha is my absolutely #1 favorite photographer. I shot with numerous photographers from Hawaii to the mainland and international. He is absolutely talented and has the gifted eye. Shot with him for more than 10 years which developed us a genuine, sincere, family friendship. I am absolutely and dearly excited to have him shoot my wedding and engagement photos. He was the first and only person I've asked to do the honor for my special moment. Love you lots!
Tammy Clifton(non-registered)
I have been a professional model for many years and I have worked with numerous photographers. Jeptha has the most calming effect on me. I can be myself which captures the essence of what the image is to portray. He captures that little light that shines from within. I highly recommend him for any type of photos that you require. Especially when you have found that special someone to share your life with. He will capture the feelings as well as the image.
Jenn Abreu(non-registered)
Jeptha is the only person I seek out for my picture needs!! He is and always has been a wonderful photographer to work with, a true professional, with a genius eye!!! He is patient and knowledgable and I am so excited to have him shooting my engagement and wedding photos! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer who will want a dedicated soul to capture your best qualities!!! Love ya Jeppy...
J David(non-registered)
Jeptha was our photographer for our wedding on May 14, 2003. He was very professional, patient and artistic. He created beautiful photo pages that brings a smile to my face even to this day, 10 years later. I am glad I hired Jeptha, he did a wonderful job!
Andrew Lee(non-registered)
Jeptha is kinda, professional, and a very generous individual. He did a photo shoot of my car back in the early 2000s, just to give some perspective of how long he's been doing this. Although he mainly shoots professional models, he can adapt to anything. He really understood the angles of my vehicle and knew exactly how to capture the perfect picture of my car, used for a state-wide distributed magazine. In fact, one of his photos received national attention when it was featured by a prominent brake manufacturer. It goes to show that he has superb talent and skills to adapt to any situation. His photos one of the best as I still use them today.
Vicky Torres(non-registered)
From 2006-2012 I have had numerous shoots with different photographers.. But the photographer I felt most comfortable working with was Jeptha. He is very professional, very creative, and also taught me the "smise" (smiling with eyes haha). His photography is beautiful, if you ever have an opportunity to work with him, go for it ! You will not be disappointed :)
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